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Orchestra da camera Arteviva

The Orchestra da Camera Arteviva was founded in 2003 and has to his credit more than 150 concerts. The full complement of staff is made up of about 40 professional musicians who work in the most prestigious Italian orchestras (RAI National Symphony Orchestra, I Solisti Veneti Orchestra of Musical Afternoons, Orchestra Filarmonica della Scala, etc.) And contains valid and appreciated soloists.

Since 2005 the orchestra holds its own musical season with heterogeneous and articulated programs of music regarding a large period of time, from the Baroque period up to compositions by contemporary authors. Since 2009, the orchestra music seasons have their own permanent seat in the Basilica of Santa Maria delle Grazie in Milan.

All concerts have always achieved excellent results both for the quality of the programs presented both for the hght level of musical work done under the guidance of chief conductor Matthew Baxiu.

In the summer of 2005, the orchestra was a guest of the Festival Pianomaster of Gravedona (Co), where he enjoyed great success with critics and audiences.

The contemporary composer Antonio Cericola performed the opera The Adventures of Pinocchio, and the first performance of the oratorio Passio et Ressurrectio Domini Nostri and ballet This Love.