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Coro Polifonico Theophilus

The Coro Polifonico Theophilus held its first concert in 1995 and currently consists of about 35 singers. The name of the choir is a link with Mozart, whose name was precisely Theophilus (Johannes Chrysostomus Wolfgangus Theophilus), which he latinized as "Amadeus" during his trip to Italy.

During his twenty years he studied vocally under the guidance of qualified teachers of vocal and has performed in numerous concerts always arousing great acclaim.
The repertoire includes the great masterpieces of choral music with a particular sensibility and taste for the sacred music of Mozart. Mozart has presented is a wide selection of little-known works of the early period is some of the great pages of maturity.
Next to the path of the study and appreciation of classical composers, the choir also cultivates a special attention to contemporary music. Of particular interest was the performance premiered Oratorio Passio  and Resurrectio Domini Nostri composed by Abruzzo Antonio Cericola.
The choir has shown over the years a steady growth in quality both from a technical and vocal both in artistic interpretation. Its activity has become a reference point for all those who, while not professional musicians, intend to approach the large choral works with seriousness and commitment, reaching excellent goals and great personal satisfaction.
The choir was founded and is directed by Matthew Baxiu.