Francesco Borali - violin

Francesco Borali was born in Milano (Italy). After graduating at the age of 18 from the "G.Verdi" Conservatory in his home town under Mrs. Luzzato's direction, he attended some post-graduated courses with the music masters Vegh, Gulli, and Brengola at the "Accademia Chigiana" in Siena (Italy). He also attended the course of "Virtuositè" at the Winterthuer Conservatory (Switzerland), under A. Piraccini Stuki's direction, and got the "Solisten Diplom" in 1992.He has been in Colorado festival , with Dorothy De lay.
Still very young, he was given significant scolarships in competitive examinations by the "G. Verdi" Conservatory in Milano and by the "Rassegna Nazionale di Vittorio Veneto". He distinguished himself by winning the first prize in several national and nternational competitions: "Città di Genova", "Premio F. Schubert" in Moncalieri (Italy), "Festival Internacional" in Murcia (Spain).
He is carrying on an intense concert activity in duo and as a solist as well with various orchestras on the occasion of wel-known musical events in Italy and abroad. He became a member of the "Quartetto Guido Chigi" and did some recordings for different Italian and Swiss broadcasting and TV networks on CD.
He played as a solist with the "Orchestra Sinfonica di Winterthur", the "Ensemble Giovanile Ambrosiano", the "Ensemble della Piccola di Londra", the "Orchestra della Gioventù musicale in Vicenza", the "Orchestra da Camera di Ferrara", the "Orchestra Verdi" of Milan where I performed the Concerts by Kachaturian Mendelsshon, Petrassi, Vivaldi, Mozart, Paganini etc...

As a solist and in an orchestra he carried out a concert activity in different places like Prague, Budapest, London, Winterthur, Madrid, Barcellona, Paris, Roma, Firenze, Messina, Australia, Sud America.
He cooperated as "leader" with the Orchestra da Camera Stradivari (from 1986 to 1990) conducted by M.Gatti with th "Pomeriggi Musicali", the RAI Orchestra (Milano, Italy), the "Piccola Sinfonica" of Milano, the Simphony Orchestra G. Verdi of Milano (from 1994 to 1999) and the "Orchestra Filarmonica Marchigiana" (2000). He has been "leader" of the "teatro S Carlo di Lisbona".
He played with very famous conductors like: Chailly, Muti, Bertini, Gatti, Prètre, Giulini, Renzetti, Yutaka Sado, Sawalish. He has been a member of I SOLISTI VENETI from 2000 to 2017, recording and performing from Giappone to Australia Corea, Messico, CANADA and USA. At the moment he plays at "Filarmonica della Scala" in Milano. He is gradued in condacting at " Accademia Internazionale di m,m.- \Pescara" He is a teacher of violin at High School "Scuola civica di Milano Claudio Abbado" in Milano since 1989. He gives, MASTERCLASS IN PREMENO, AND NEW YORK.