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Luna Vigni - flauto

20993820 1925298284153308 5062511509599974413 nBorn in Siena in April 1998, she began to study flute at "Istituto Superiore di Alta Formazione musicale Rinaldo Franci" of Siena under the guidance of M ° Luciano Tristaino with whom she graduated with the highest marks.
Her masterclasses have been enhanced by: M ° Michele Marasco, M° Paolo Taballione, M ° Mario Caroli, M ° Claudio Montafia, M ° Patrick Gallois, M ° Pier Narciso Masi, M ° Ottaviano Tenerani, M° Emily Beynon, M° Felix Renngli, , M ° Maurizio Valentini, M ° Andrea Manco, M ° Claudia Bucchini, M ° Nicola Mazzanti, M ° Giampaolo Pretto (with whom she is still studying), M ° Andrea Oliva (at the Fiesole Music School and Santa Cecilia Academy Of Rome).
She has won numerous awards in national and international competitions as solo and duo for chamber music grand Prize Virtuoso.
She is already a member of orchestral formations; during the last year she has been eligible for the European Youth Orchestra "Accademia Discanto", for the Italian Youth Orchestra, for the "Accademia della Scala",for the "International Chamber Philarmonic Orchestra" and has collaborated with the " Orchestra of the University of Milan.
Since 2016 he has been performing as a duo with the pianist Marianna Tongiorgi (Duo Marilù).
She is attenging her last year of "Master of Arts in Music Performance" at Conservatorio della Svizzera Italiana in Lugano under the guide of M° Andrea Oliva.

She has been a Galway's student since she was twelve years old when she has started to attend the Galway flute festival in Weggis in Switzerland and the classes at Villa Medici Giulini in Milan.